Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Life Style Change

When I decided to buy an EV, it was primarily based on reducing my carbon footprint. I ran the numbers and found that the more expensive EV, plus cheap and free electricity would cost less than a comparable gasoline car plus gas, plus oil changes in just over 3 years. 

When I got my EV, I immediately began saving money on fuel. Then came the rebates. I took the rebates and tax savings and bought an EV charger, more efficient appliances, LED light bulbs, and an induction stove.

Even though my electricity went up from having an EV, I started saving money on electricity because of the efficiency upgrades. Then my wife got her EV.

With all these savings, I took my pond pump off the house electricity and bought a DC pump and powered it with a 135watt solar panel, saving me 400kwh/month.

Seeing the simplicity and carbon reduction, I took the plunge and got solar for my house.

Sufficed to say, buying an EV started a process that snowballed into a money saving (and carbon saving) life style change for myself, wife, and two kids that will eventually change the world for the better.

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